Ecotourism in India: Examples

Tourism in India is one of thousands of millions, and if you want to spend your money on travel patterns more sustainable, eco accommodation and ecotourism businesses operating in many parts of the country. Among the types of ecotourism activities, you may want to try and visits to national parks and wildlife reserves, stays at home, and ecological tours.

Ecotourism in India Example #1: Corbett National Park

India is home to dozens of national parks, bird sanctuaries and wildlife reserves. One of the best known is the Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. On the site you can see tigers, leopards, crocodiles, elephants, wild boar and deer. The park is only open from mid-November to mid-June and is closed during the monsoon season. The activities include jeep tours, elephant safaris and bird watching, a series of ecological stations provide accommodation around the park. To reach the Corbett National Park, international tourists can fly to Delhi and travel by train to Ramnagar. From there is 32 km to the park by bus, rental car or shared taxi.

Ecotourism in India Example #2: Kerala

Home stay are another option for ecotourism in India. An example is a host family in Muvattupuzha, Kerala. Muvattupuzha town is about 40 minutes drive from Cochin International Airport and 45 minutes drive from Ernakulam Railway Station South. You'll stay in two rooms in a 200 year old traditional Kerala mansion. The house is located on a farm of one hectare and has laundry facilities and internet access. Guests are encouraged to swimming, fishing and cycling in the community and learn to cook dishes from Kerala, take yoga classes or visit the traditional treatment center snake venom. Families are welcome.

Ecotourism in India Example #3: Eco-Cultural Tours at Rajasthan

Over 430 languages ​​are spoken in India, and there are hundreds of indigenous groups with their own distinct cultural traditions. Instead of just booking with a travel agency, you can join tours and safaris with an NGO as Marwar Eco-Cultural Tours & Travels. Approved by the native planet, Marwar organizes jeep tours, camel rides and desert safaris deep all over Rajasthan. If you register to experience the village life of five days or more, you will see how the food is prepared Rajasthani, learn traditional adobe houses are built and visit local farms. Marwar is 25 percent of all tour goes directly to projects of local NGOs, hiring guides Rajasthan and runs development projects in most of the towns tourist routes.

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